Frequently Asked Questions





How much does it cost?

-My custom website designs usually start at $300. The cost for hosting for a website is usually around $150 for a year, depending on size and type of website. (This is paid to the hosting provider, not me.) This price may vary depending on things like the amount of pages, the amount of content provided to me, if new accounts (Facebook, Google, etc.) need to be opened.  If you wish to have ongoing updates and management services, that will usually start at about $50-$400+ a month, all depending on the extent of extra services. This will all be discussed and determined during our consultation.

What is the process like?

-We start with a consult where we determine how much work you need, an what services you are looking for.  I will build a mock up website for you to preview which may take 2-3 days.  From there, if you choose to continue and do business with me, I ask for a partial payment to begin working on your website.  We can go back and fourth to make edits and make your vision come to life. Once final edits have been made we proceed with domain connection and going "LIVE".  I will ask for the balance of money owed during this process.  After your new website is "live" I will optimize the search settings and mobile design.  This process may vary depending on services requested.

What website building platform/hosting do you use?

-After trying a few different website builders, I prefer to use Wix.  I've heard arguments that Wix is not true or "real" web design. That is simply not true. I can build a website from start to finish, from a blank canvas, using Wix.  I like Wix because they are always coming out with new features, and if they don't have it, you can put in a request or vote to have something new added.  Wix is very user friendly and fairly easy to figure out for anyone with limited knowledge which, should you choose to take over your website, makes it easy to make your own edits. It also has everything you need, all in one place = you don't need to visit different sites and sign up/pay for a ton of different services or widgets.This is where your savings come from.  Less running around for me, saves me time, you money, and everyone a headache.

Do you offer more services than listed?

-Yes! I can completely customize my services to your needs.  I offer extras like, photography (of your business, products, food specials..),  secret shopping (I visit your small business and report on my experience), email subscriptions and regular updates.  If there is an extra service that you're interested in, just ask!  If I can't offer it, I'll help you find someone that can.

What size companies do you work with?

-I love (and prefer)  working with other small business owners, like myself.  If I spend too much time on a larger business that requires a lot of my time, my other website owners will suffer. 

What is your service area?

-My business is based our of the metro Detroit area, I'm willing to travel to meet clients and visit businesses up to about 50 miles.  If you determine that your website can be built by communicating through phone or email, I'm willing to help!


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